3 July 2023

A meaningful Keti Koti

It was great to be involved in so many ways this year in Keti Koti, the annual commemoration and celebration on July 1st that marks the abolition of slavery in Suriname and the Dutch Caribean in 1863/1873. I performed at Met Het Oog Op Morgen (Radio 1), the Keti Koti festival and de Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. Besides that I was being interviewed by ANP, NOS, Shownieuws & RTL Boulevard to talk about the importance of Keti Koti.

I also took part in ‘Keti Koti in Concert’ on NPO1 that was broadcasted on June 29th. It was an honour to be part of such a meaningful, powerful, and unifying evening!

Keti Koti is finally commemorated and celebrated in a way that does justice to history. There are still countless stories that need to be brought to light, much to be rectified, repaired, and healed, but this is a good start and I am hopeful!


Keti Koti in Concert, June 28th // Photo credit: Paco Núñez
Keti Koti Festival, July 1st // Photo credit: Natascha Verheij Fotografie