31 March 2018

The Passion 2018

Last Thursday I had the honor of playing Judas in Dutch TV production The Passion 2018 in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam. Over 3,1 million people watched The Passion live at NPO 1. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my career! It was amazing to be part of this great cast with Tommie Christiaan,… Continue reading The Passion 2018

15 February 2018

The Passion!

Finally I can share the big news with you! This year I will play Judas in Dutch TV production ‘The Passion’! Yesterday we were invited with the cast of ‘The Passion’ at Dutch talkshow ‘Jinek’. Click here to watch the little preview we did. This year ‘The Passion’ will take place in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. You… Continue reading The Passion!

28 August 2017

‘High On You’ On Air!

Yaaas, my latest single ‘High On You’ is featured on the playlists of both major Dutch radiostations NPO Radio 1 and NPO Radio 2! Thanks for the love!