Dance With Me – New Single! – Jeangu Macrooy

Dance With Me – New Single!

My new single and music video ‘Dance With Me’ are OUT NOW! Dance With Me is also the theme song of Dutch feature film ‘Niemand In De Stad’, which is directed by well-known director Michiel van Erp and will be playing in cinemas as of October 4th.

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Written by J. A. U. Macrooy. Arranged by P. L. Perquin, G. P. Batelaan, R. E. Kraak, P. R. Rugebregt, F. J. van der Vlugt, J. M. J. Huiberts & J. A. U. Macrooy.

Vocals by Jeangu Macrooy. Drums by Jelle Huiberts. Electric bass and synth bass by Rik Kraak. Electric and acoustic guitar by Gijs Batelaan. Keys by Patrick Rugebregt. Trumpet by Randell Heye. Saxophone by Floris van der Vlugt. Trombone by Kobi Arditi.

Produced & mixed by Perquisite. Recorded by Sam Jones at Studio LEF. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering.

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