My Eurovision Song ‘Grow’ Out Now! – Jeangu Macrooy

My Eurovision Song ‘Grow’ Out Now!

The song with which I’ll be representing The Netherlands at Eurovision Song Contest 2020, entitled Grow, is finally out in the world. For such a long time it was mine and now it’s yours. I wouldn’t be here without this song, and this would definitely not be such an incredible ride without my team. Working together with so many people who are all fiercely passionate about making beautiful and meaningful art is an absolute privilege. I am forever thankful for and humbled by their dedication. Special shoutout to my producer Perquisite, to Joe Roberts who directed the video and to SmartHouse films. If anything, I hope this song makes you feel less alone. We’re all looking for happiness and God knows that it isn’t always easy to find. But that’s ok. We’re in this together. Let’s be there for each other. Lot’s of love ❤️

We just premiered the song live on national Dutch television at De Wereld Draait Door.

Lyrically, the song is about realizing that life has no guidelines, and that adulthood doesn’t equate to having everything under control. It’s about the negative effect a constant focus on that next dot on the horizon can have, using up space needed to listen to the voice within.

Emotions, good and bad, are a universal language. I hope this song evokes a feeling in people that they are not alone in their struggle and quest for happiness. I believe that openness and honesty about our feelings will eventually bring us closer together: I believe in the fraternizing power of music. It is why I do what I do.’

On Saturday 16 May I will perform Grow during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Listen to Grow on your preferred streaming service, including Spotify. The artwork picture for the track was shot by Anton Corbijn.

Song credits: Written by J.A.U. Macrooy.
Vocals by Jeangu Macrooy. All instruments by Perquisite & Jeangu Macrooy.
Arranged by Perquisite & Jeangu Macrooy.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Perquisite at Unexpected Studio.
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering.

Video credits: Director: Joe Roberts | Director of Photograpy: Job Kraaijeveld | Production Company: Smarthouse FIlms

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