11 November 2022

My new album Summer Moon is out now!

This body of work, my third full-length studio album, is the fruit of joyful collaboration. I want to celebrate every single creative that has lent their talent, dedication, and passion to these songs. Without you this journey would have been so much less fun! You have enriched this music in more ways than I could’ve ever wished for, and because of that I’m filled to the brim with happiness and gratitude. Thank you for the good vibrations, the real talks, the sharing of truths, the love, and especially the warmth of our common ground. Cheers to you!

To Perquisite: Thanks for continuing to support me and my talent with such sincerity and dedication. I don’t ever take this for granted, because I know that you’re the real deal. I dearly treasure our collaboration, and our friendship!

To Bud Kolk: I feel like our bond has been catapulted to another level. I’ve had the time of my life creating this album with you; it was truly unforgettable! Thank you for being my friend in music and in life! I admire your talent, and your vision as a producer.

To Pete Philly: It was an honour to have you on one of my songs. Your artistry inspires me to dig deeper. Thanks for pouring your everything into what you do!

To Xillan: Writing with you is like breathing oxygen. I love that for us. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are!

To A Milli: My sister, my best friend, I’m so grateful for your presence in my life! Thanks for always being there, and turning every studio session into a party. I love you big time!

To my band: Y’all are my musical family! Thanks for giving it your all every single time, whether it be on stage, in rehearsals, in the studio, or during our card games. Here’s to more unforgettable memories with Circus Macrooy! Lobi!

To Jasper Zuidvaart: Working with you was such a pleasure! Thanks for being so dedicated to getting the mix exactly where it needs to be. I’m over the moon about your work!

To Da Goose Mastering: Thanks for so masterfully adding the cherry on top!

Lobi lobi lobi!