29 April 2022

Video for ‘Admit It’ out now!

We shot this video in Suriname, and that was special for so many reasons… When I grew up in Paramaribo I never really got to experience what it’s like to be part of a community that provides a safe and free environment for queer people to be completely themselves. Shooting this little love story with this beautiful cast has given me the chance to experience that sense of community I’d been missing. I’m beyond grateful. To the team behind this visual story, thanks for all of your passion, hard work and dedication! Lobi!! ❤️

Director & creative concept: Chaka | Producer: Alex Heringa & Kenneth Okorley / Mr. Frank | Line Producer: Chantal Rijker | Director of Photography: Sjors Mosman | Edit: Sam Goresbeek (Studio Radijs) | Best Boy: Joel Aarland | Grip: Gripbusters | Location scouts: Chantal Rijker, Chaka, Kenneth Okorley, Sjors Mosman | Stylist: Ramona Marroquin Hawley | Camera Assistant: Jamey Reso | Security: Guno Hart | Grading: Ruben Labree | Intern: Leon Klas | Catering: Lucenda Djiman | Scooters: Ragiannie Geerlings | Car: Sergio Pique | Actors: Mark Westfa, Jeremy Thurnim, Quinny Dior, Jair Lang, Vurnun Sordam, Heliante Nibte, Gunnar (Goonz) Zimpel, Anastatia Veldman, Zoë van Frederikslust | Artist Manager: Pieter Perquin / Unexpected Management.
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